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The most attractive modern architectures in Vietnam this summer

Besides the beautiful scenery and historical relics, Vietnam also possesses plenty of modern architectures that attract both the netizens and tourists from all over the world.

1. Golden Bridge – Danang

Possessing a lot of diverse natural scenery, Danang attracts youngsters not only by its 60-kilometer beach, which was chosen to be one of the 6 most seducing beaches on the planet by the US magazine – Forbes but also by impressive attractions namely Son Tra peninsula, Ba Na Hills or Ngu Hanh Son Mountains, etc.

Sunset from the one of a kind hand-shaped bridge in Vietnam
Amazing sunset view from the Golden Bridge

Nevertheless, it would be boring if you still visit those attractions every time coming back to Danang. Hence, recently a unique bridge with a one-of-a-kind design in a shape of the hands has appeared. This bridge is becoming an attractive site for teenagers and youngsters to visit and take breathtaking photos. The Golden Bridge is built on Ba Na Hills with a design of 2 hands lifting a bridge winding around, which looks like a lady lifting a silk strip crossing the mountain and jungle. Located on the height of 1,400 meters and has the length of 150 meters, including 8 spans. In the middle of the alluring natural landscape on the top of Ba Na, wandering on this magnificent bridge will bring you to the Elysium.

This hand-shaped bridge promises to be the hottest attraction this summer, so don’t hesitate to book a flight.

2. Landmark 81 Building – Saigon

Serving as a trade center but the Landmark 81 building, which is nearly 500 meters high, has attracted thousands of visitors every day.

Landmark 81 Tower Project (Binh Thanh District, HCMC) commenced in December 2014. Landmark 81 is located on the bank of Saigon River, consists of 81 floors of 460 meters high, and is the tallest building in Vietnam and among top 20 in the world. In January 20119, the entire Landmark 81 building will be put into operation. However, on July 26, 2018, the investor has put the commercial area with 5 floors and a basement under the building block into operation. And now, a lot of tourists and local people flock to capture the photos with the tallest building in Vietnam.

Landmark 81 in Saigon, Vietnam
Landmark 81, the highest building in Vietnam

Almost any angle of the building offers the ideal position to pose. However, to have a nice corner, you have to go to the park about 300 meters from the building. “We are here to witness the building from the days of construction until now.” When this project was nearing its completion, I knew it was the highest in the country, in the top of the world and built by the Vietnamese ourselves”. Said Thuy Van (25).

3. The abandoned park in Hue

Situated inside a forest, Thuy Tien Water Park opened to welcome visitors when it was not completed in 2004. Shortly thereafter, the park was closed, abandoned and turned into a tourist spot for backpackers.

The abandoned aquarium in Thuy Tien Park, Vietnam
Thuy Tien Park has been abandoned for a decade

There has been no staff working in the amusement park for a long time. At the entrances, the grass grows luxuriant. The area around Thuy Tien Lake has dozens of gorgeous sculptures but since there are no preserves, many of them have been deformed and statues are also graffitied.

Indeed, even the gate at the main entrance is rusted and damaged. Inside this billion-valued tourist attraction, all leisure and entertainment items have been discontinued for years and are severely damaged. The aquarium in the shape of a dragon is now covered by the moss, the ceiling was broken into large pieces, exposing both steel and wire to the outside. Mirror fish tanks are splashed all over. Inside the aquarium, there is a crocodile breeding area but until now the crocodile has died and the smell is awful. Not far from the aquarium is the majestic water park, but it has been abandoned for a long time. The water sliding system is also covered by moss, muddy pool area filled with rubbish. Next to them are the four unfinished villas.

Recently, this park suddenly became famous when the US HuffingtonPost published articles about the deserted park with full of horror details.

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