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Top 08 souvenirs in Cambodia

I am a shopaholic. So while in Cambodia, I not only enjoy great weather, eat delicious food, visit mysterious temples but also buy lots of souvenirs at surprisingly cheap prices. Below is a list of 10 souvenirs you should buy when visiting Cambodia.

1. Krama scarf

This is probably a souvenir that many people choose when visiting the pagoda country because the krama fabric has a very different color and this fabric, whether used to shade the sun or the cold season, is very good. In addition, the price of a silk scarf is very good, on the market, usually, small businesses cost between $ 3 and $ 5. But you can get a $2 scarf if you know how to pay the price cleverly.

Krama scarf souvenir in cambodia

2. Dried fruit

Like Vietnam, with a tropical climate, Cambodia’s fruits are extremely diverse. In addition to fresh fruit, packaged dried fruit is also suitable for gifting. In the market, you can find a variety of dried fruits (banana, sweet potato, pineapple, mango …) from 200 to 300 grams, vacuum-packed, very delicious. Usually, the prices of these bags are less than $1/pack. I bought 3 banana packs for $ 2 at Skun Market.

cambodian dried fruits

3. Palm sugar

Jaggery is very important and very popular in Cambodia. It is used as a local ingredient to cook sugar in place of sugarcane. Its taste is very fresh and light. It is said that this type of sugar is very healthy. Palm sugar is not only used in the lives of Cambodian people but also is something worth buying as a gift. It costs 3 $ per kg

Cambodian palm sugar

4. T-shirt

Travel logo T-shirts are always bought by many tourists as gifts for their relatives because they are very convenient. Cambodia is no exception. For just $ 2 to $ 3 for an Angkor T-shirt or fun slogans like “No tuk tuk today and tomorrow” “Angkor What?” ..this is a gift not to be missed.

5. Spices

In the gift shop, you will also find a variety of seasoning bags like ginger, pepper, Amok seasoning, priced under $ 1 for 1 or 2 small bags. These bags are beautifully packaged, compact, and light, which is very convenient to buy as they don’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase. My favorite dish is pasta so I brought home a lot of white pepper. Very good with a strong scent.

Cambodian pepper spices

6. Silver products

Since the 11th century, religious ceremonies have often used silver products. Since then, silver has become a widely used product. As tourism develops, silver products are becoming more and more popular in Cambodia and that is why silver shops in Cambodia grow like mushrooms after rain. Similar to silk, silver jewelry is also completely handcrafted from the skillful hands of passionate artisans. Perhaps also, for this reason, silver products are preferred by tourists when they stop in Cambodia. You can easily find silver-based jewelry, decorations, or unique furniture at silver shops in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap.

7. Sculptures

In Cambodia, the sculptures that you can buy as souvenirs for relatives can be mentioned as Buddha statues, Apsara dancers, famous landmarks, or other decorative products. These are carved products from stone, wood, copper, or silver … attracting many people’s love. The inanimate products through the talented hands of artisans, blow their souls, suddenly become more alive than ever.

cambodian sculpture

8. Silk

This is one of the items considered souvenir specialties of this Cambodian land with a full range of extremely unique and delicate silk lines in terms of handcraft. And if you travel to Cambodia but do not know what to buy, of course, silk is an expensive suggestion for you. Because silk in Cambodia is not like ordinary raw silk but is soft, silky, very soft, and soft to the touch, able to absorb sweat very well. For these silk items, you can buy large antique scarves, headscarves, or bow ties are very nice but the price is also relatively affordable, only about $ 2 only. In addition, you do not need to worry too much when shopping for gifts in Cambodia with silk fabrics, because they are widely available in markets in the capital, or you can also go to Koh Dach Island (known as a paradise specializing in the sale and production of different types of silk, especially you can witness the delicate and extremely meticulous silk weaving process here and there.

Cambodian silk
Silk scarves hanging in a shop in Cambodia

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