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08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

The Vietnamese spirit is not only encapsulated in cuisine, nature or architecture, but also spreads in typical scents. The perfumers have brought to us 8 bottles of Vietnamese-inspired perfumes as follows:

1. Diptyque

08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

In 1961, when Yuri Gagarin became the first person to fly into space and the people of the Soviets cheered, on a corner of the Avenue Saint-Germain in Paris, the first store of three friends was born. The store initially sold home furnishings and accompanied by scent products from British manufacturers. Gradually from that store, Diptyque grows into a great name in the scent world with its own products of scented candles and fragrances. That first store is still in France for visitors and customers to visit.

1.1. Tam Dao

08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

One of Diptyque’s founders, Yves Coueslant (1926 – 2013), had a childhood growing up in the Tonkin. Tam Dao and Ba Vi in the north are often compared to Da Lat in the south, with a cool subtropical climate. During the French colonial period, on Tam Dao, a small city of 200 villas and motels was built for families of French officials to rest. Tam Dao perfume has a bold forest flavor with fragrant sandalwood notes on a hardwood background. Addition of it is a slightly warm amber aroma and a bit of pollen, creating lustrousness and dreaminess, like this is Yves Coueslant’s childhood journey. In 2013, Diptyque “renewed” Tamdao in version of Tamdao eau de parfum. Tamdao’s eau de parfum prolongs the life of the scent, however, loses the vitality and authenticity of the original.

1.2. Do Son

08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

Do Son is where Yves Coueslant’s father built a temple and Yves enjoyed his childhood there. Diptyque Do Son has a strong scent of tuberose – a flower with a very seductive nuance, although in Vietnam, people will immediately think of the altar. Along with the adornment of orange blossoms and silky musk, Do Son eau de parfum is smooth, soft and clear, with a bit of feeling like swallowing a soft, floral-scented jelly.

2. Indochine of PG

08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

Indochine, Indochina, or the Lao-Cam-Viet trio of PG, long written as Parfumerie Generale, and also the name of the founder, young talent Pierre Guillaume. Indochine is numbered 25. The French are particularly fond of traveling and learning. They were eagerly curious and loved Indochina. Indochina is a young and talented parfumeur summed up a scent. Indochine starts on your skin with the sweet and transparent honey smell. Very attractive, not hot, but Peaceful and pleasant. And this quintessential honey will be the main note, throughout a deep and unforgettable journey. It was like the feeling of the new rays of sunshine spreading from the beginning of the day. Somewhere faintly the scent of wood caressed by warm sunlight causes the dryness to rise. The sweet smoky taste of smoke pushed back and forth from somewhere.

3. Y25

Y25 is the name of a perfumery “Made in Vietnam”, founded by Ms. Huynh Hai Yen, a knowledgeable and passionate person with scent. The scent set is named Y25 Scents of Vietnam, currently has 5 scents of 5 landmarks in country: Hanoi, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Saigon.

3.1. Matin à Đà Lạt

08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

The scent is soft and cool like a clear morning dew, mixed with the soft aroma of sapwood and the scent of young moss. The scent is simple, the scent components separate but blend in, especially sensual. The cool of the dew, the greenness of the trees and leaves, after adding the golden color, light up and fragrant like the morning sun. That is when mimosa flowers appear, covering the pine tree with a golden scent. Certainly, the owner of Matin à Da Lat had to love this city so much that she could create such a beautiful, simple scent of Dalat.

3.2. La Perle d’Orient

08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

What does Saigon smell like now? The smell of open opportunities, life’s enjoyment, the smell of modern lifestyles, the smell of trendy young people. If Y25 smells Saigon like that, then the scent will be popular, sporty, and cheap. So, what will the old Saigon, favored as the Oriental Pearl? Le Perrle d’Orient appears on the skin quite nostalgic, well-mannered, rich in lipstick smell, after appearing a warm, pleasant herb smell. The scent is perhaps the most feminine and elegant in the Scents of Vietnam series. After about 20 minutes, sniffing again on the skin, the scent lessens and removes lipstick, gradually develops the scent, becomes gentle. However, the smell of the herb remained faint, now more pronounced. Saigon is not the right smell for young people to live fast. You need to be calm in order to “enjoy” a Saigon with bright red lipstick that is hot at first, then gradually becomes relieved later, in the end, becomes gentle and harmonious on the skin.

3.3. La Mer de Nha Trang

The opening of La Mer de Nha Trang, fortunately, does not bring the simple cool sea that we still often encounter in current popular scents. Nha Trang beach is clean, peaceful, dry, flowery, like a gentle breeze. La Mer de Nha Trang is decorated with gentle flowers, tearing like water, reminds me of the main scent of May orchid in France. Decreasing smell, La Mer de Nha Trang gradually flowery and salty. The scent is dry, cool, lingering on the skin.

3.4. Hội An Déjà vu

08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

Different from a sophisticated and multi-flavored Hanoi, Hoi An is still the same in four seasons. Time has turned, Hoi An is still small and safe. The sweet incense faints in harmony with the bright and soft sunlight, embracing the peaceful old town. Deja Vu can happen, or not, but you still feel familiar and attached. Hoi An Deja Vu is a moss-tiled roof, solid wooden trusses that fade in time. It can be said that this is the deepest scent among the 5 scents of Scents of Vietnam. Hoi An smells static, introverted, rich in smells of wood and herbs.

3.5. Automne de Hà Nội

08 perfumes inspired by Vietnam

L’Automne de Hanoi is the last fragrance in the scents of Scents of Vietnam. Hanoi has an airy tranquility at the beginning like an early autumn. The scent is a fun and well-suited combination of floral and wood scents. The scent of sandalwood, a clear scent of milk, is clearly flattering. Next, the elegant, dry flowers, most likely magnolia, blend with warm cinnamon. This is an interesting highlight that makes Automne de Hà Nội so lovely and memorable. The scent gradually becomes sweet. The sweetness is not from vanilla or cocoa or sugar. The reasonable and pleasant sweetness is probably from the incense resin, mixing of wood and spices. The scent is beautiful, fussy but not red, the layers of scent overlap in harmony, making the owner of the scent can’t help breathing.

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