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Ngwe Saung Travel tips A – Z

Referring to Myanmar, people immediately think of the great golden temples, but few knows that beaches in Myanmar is also very attractive. In this artcile, we will introduce to you Ngwe Saung beach, a hidden gem of Burma.

1. General presentation

Ngwesaung is a beach city located 48 km to the west of Pathein, Ayeyarwady region of Myanmar. The beach is a 5 hour by car far from the city of Yangon.
Ngwesaung is also called Silverbeach due to the silvery color of its sand, the beach is lined with palm trees and offers a the warm waters of Bengal Bay. Ngwe Saung is the longest beach in Southeast Asia with about 15 km length.
Many luxury hotels have been established here, this is city is good place for a runaway weekend from busy Yango city.

Ngwe Saung

2. Ideal time to visit:

The best season to go to Ngwe Saung is between mid-October and May. The rest of the time, the heavy monsoon that hits the region. The months of July and August is worst time to visit.

3. What to visit ?

Enjoy Great Panorama

You can walk to the small island in the south of NgweSaung Beach, which is accessible on foot when the tide is low. It offers panoramic views of the beach.


This island is also good place to do snorkeling among the coral and brightly colored fish that can’t be found nowhere on Earth. You can also book a daytour to surrounded small islands where you can snorkel in the crystal clear waters.


In addition to swimming, you can also walk along the beach to feel the waves hit your feet and explore the natural landscape around as well as take a full breath of salty sea flavor, Immerse yourself in the warm space of golden sunshine and enjoy the gentle breeze.

Motorbike trip

Visiting the small fishing villages and local markets, explore the countryside near Ngwe Suang beach by a 4-wheel or motorbike to learn about the lives of the local people is a really nice experience.

Horse Riding

A very unique activity in Ngwe Suang beach that is not available in any beach you have ever been is horse riding along the coast. If you come here without trying to ride a horse, you will regret it for whole life.

Ngwe Saung

4. Gastronomy

To the north of Ngwe Saung Beach, near the fishing village you can find a variety of fantastic seafood local restaurant with a lot of incredible dishes such as crab, shrimp, lobster, and various types of fish.
If you want to enjoy the sunset over the Bay of Bengal, some resort along the beach also have waterfront restaurants. If you’re feeling lazy after dinner, it’s easy to get to your hotel by motorcycle taxi.
For something a little different in NgweSaung, you can try Ume Cafe, a good restaurant that serves excellent Japanese and Asian cuisine and has a fire dance show every evening at 7:30 p.m. It is located on the south road of Ngwe Saung village, on a hill opposite YamonnarOo and SilverView stations.

5. How to go to Ngwe Saung ?

Ngwe Suang Beach is quite close to Yangon city, so it only takes about 35 minutes by plane to go from Yangon to Ngwe Saung. But to save costs for other fun activities you can choose to to travel by car with a time of about 6 hours. It could be better to see the majestic mountains and forests of the Ayeyarwaddy plains while saving a lot of money.
If you have a lot of time and love the river, you can choose to go by ferry. With this vehicle, you will both admire the picturesque landscape of the Pathein River, the hidden villages on the banks of the river while reducing the worries about safety. However, it will take up to 16 hours for this option.

6. Hotel/ homestay:

Myanmar Treasure Beach Resort (4*)
Aureum Resort & Spa – Ngwe Saung (4*)
Bay Of Bengal Resort (4*)
Dream Paradise Resort (3*)
Emerald Sea Resort (3*)
Eskala Hotels & Resorts Ngwe Saung (4*)
Ocean Paradise Resort (3*)
Sunny Paradise Resort (3*+)

Ngwe Saung

7. Other activities

Nightlife in NgweSaung
Don’t expect to find bars and nightclubs here. The beach is reserved for those who love the calm and peace of the surrounding nature. Rent a bike or car to cycle around the area, book yourself at a hotel spa or just relax on the beach.
Music and dance can be found in the Bay of Bengal Hotel.

Shopping at NgweSaung
Tourists can buy items like umbrellas painted by locals.

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