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3 steps to book a low-cost international flight to Indochina

Finding flight tickets is one of the first things that came to mind for anyone who plans to take an overseas holiday.  For those who do not want to spend too much money, it is not easy to book a ticket at a reasonable price. So far, there are not so many direct flights from other countries to Vietnam. Hence travelers have to transit almost of the time. So instead of wasting time looking for a direct flight route, just follow our tricks on finding low-cost international flights to Indochina.

1. Subscribe for popular airlines’ newsletters

Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter of the airlines that provide international flights in your countries. In these newsletters, there are numerous attractive offers. The most interesting promotions are often offered about 3 months before the holidays. Usually, online payment require credit card and the low-cost tickets are non-refundable. The quantity of offers is limited and you should purchase it as soon as possible. Thus, many people wait until midnight to be able to get the most advantageous offers. You ought to sign up for newsletters from major airlines, namely: Quantas, Emirates, South African Airway, Emirates, Finnair, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot, Qatar Airways, Air France or American Airlines.

Qatar Airway's newletter offering low-cost flight to Indochina
Example of a newsletter from Qatar Airway

2. How to book cheap flights to Indochina in 3 steps

First step:

Book a flight to Bangkok (Thailand) with an airline that offers a good rate. Flights to Bangkok are generally cheaper than other countries, thanks to the great flow of tourists to Thailand. The Thai Government has established several policies to promote tourism, including that of offering low-cost flights. Almost all companies have a fixed stopover in Bangkok with the best-known ones are Turkish, Thai Airway, Emirate, and Qatar Airway.

Second step:

As soon as you have booked your flight to Bangkok, book another flight from Bangkok to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or Siem Reap with local airlines such as Nok Air, Air Asia, Tiger Air or Vietjet. These are airlines that renowned for reasonable price offers. Among the mentioned airlines, the most reliable one is Air Asia, which has connections with all major cities in Indochina. Vietjet Air would be another good idea if you really want to save money

VietJet Air is one of the airlines that operate low-cost flight to Indochina
VietJet Air’s plane at the airport

Third step:

In Bangkok, low-cost airlines such as Nok Air and Air Asia often depart from Don Muang airport, which is about 37 km from Suvarnabhumi Airport but there is a free shuttle bus connects the two airports. Usually, the procedures of entry into Thailand must be completed at Suvarnabhumi. I will advise you to book the second flight that departs 4 hours later to avoid delay assure that you will not miss the connecting flight. If you book flights with Jetstar Pacific or Vietjet Air, you can combine the flight directly.

Dom Muang International Airport welcomes low-cost flight to Indochina operated by Air Asia or Thailion Air
Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok

Some advice:

As for international flights to Vietnam, those from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City usually have a lower price compared to Hanoi. Nevertheless, Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City is always crowded with Vietnamese; hence it would be more convenient to book a direct flight to Hanoi

Jetstar is a good option for those who are looking for a low-cost flight to Indochina
Jetstar Pacific’s flight attendances
  • For low-cost airlines, remember that they allow only 7 kilos of hand luggage
  • Local airlines are often a bit noisy and the seats are not very comfortable. Vietjet Air is also known for some delay, but after two hours of flying, you will see wonderful things that you will not remember if the flight is a little awkward.
  • In case you prefer a better airline with more comfortable service, then better choose a national airline like Vietnam Airlines or Angkor Airlines to avoid delay and poor experience

This article is based on my own experience, so it may not be applicable in every context

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