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Komodo & Flores Archipelago Travel Guides

Are you crazy about “Jurassic World 2” just out of the cinema and wish you could see dinosaurs in real life? Come on, come to Komodo and Flores Island in Indonesia to see the dinosaurs, also known as the Komodo dragon, what are you waiting for!

1. How to get to Komodo Island

To reach Dragon Island, you first need to go to the seaside town of Labuan Bajo in the west of Flores, where you can take a boat to Komodo Island. This town is also a transit point chosen by many tourists to book accommodation and transportation and then go to surrounding islands like Rinca or Padar.
To go to Labuan Bajo / Flores, if you’re from
– Jakarta: Fly to Bali (about 2 hours) by Lion Air / Sriwijaya / AirAsia
– Bali: Fly to Labuan Bajo (about 1.5 hours) by Lion Air / Garuda Indonesia

Alternatively, you can choose to fly non-stop from Jakarta but the round-trip ticket will be more expensive.

Komodo & Flores Archipelago Travel Guides

2. The best time to go see Komodo dragon

If you like watching green plants, March or April will be the most reasonable choice.  If you don’t want to miss super cool festivals (like Wae Rebo’s New Year), come here around November.

3. Move around Komodo island

An average trekking distance on the island can last up to 1hour and 45 minutes, while the temporary distance is considered to be up to 2 hours longer. There won’t be any buses or bicycles for you, so “a good pair of shoes will take you anywhere” is extremely accurate in this case.

4. What are the attractions of Komodo and Flores?

Komodo National Park probably won’t be like anywhere else you’ve been to, but that doesn’t mean it’s less fun. In contrast, the original beauty of these islands proves that the money and effort you deserve are completely worth it. Remember to experience all the following:

4.1 Be careful of dragons: Go see dragons on Komodo and Rinca islands

The islands of Komodo and Rinca are famous for being home to some of the most ferocious lizards in the world – the Komodo dragons. These predators can be up to 2.6m long, and can run at speeds up to 20km / h! That is why you have to be very careful when you are on these islands.

Komodo Dragon

If the fully fed Komodo dragons do not interest you, challenge yourself by going to nearby Rinca Island. It is often said that dragons are easier to spot there because the island is smaller. However, the dragons living on Rinca Island are also rumored to be more aggressive. Can you guess why they were shipped to Rinca Island? The answer is, they killed too many people on Komodo Island!

4.2. Travel to another world: Snorkeling at Pink Sand Beach

Have you ever seen pink sand? It sounds unbelievable, but rose sand does exist; on the other side of Komodo island.
In fact, the crystal clear water and the pink of the beach make Pink Sand Beach seem to be somewhere else, but this small beach on Komodo Island is a place where scuba diving enthusiasts love it. encounter colorful and lively underwater life: from dolphins, turtles to manta rays.

Pink Sand Beach is also one of the most suggested dive sites in Komodo National Park. You can admire the great variety of wildlife here, such as Leaf Scorpionfish and Crocodile. Other popular diving spots include Batu Bolong and the islands of Tatawa, where you can even find white-headed sharks and beautiful coral gardens.

4.3. Immerse yourself in the waters of Kalong Island

If you want to see thousands of bats, you can stay overnight on a motorboat in the waters of Kalong Island (near Rinca Island). Komodo National Park is not just a residence for Komodo dragons. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get bats living on Kalong Island (Flying Foxes). These little creatures come out of their nests at sunset, creating a majestic picture.

4.4. The peak of the world: Gili Lawa

Gili Lawa, an island located northeast of Komodo Island, is famous for its beautiful coral reefs. The hilly terrain of this place means you will have to go hiking to the top to get the best view, but that experience is definitely worth the effort.

Gili Lawa

4.5. Natural wonders: Nadar Island

Nadar is the third largest island in Komodo National Park. It is located between Komodo Island and Rinca Island, in other words, if you want to go to Rinca Island, you must definitely go to Nadar Island. The island is far more pristine than Komodo and Rinca, and when you reach the top of the hill, the tranquil seas and white sand beaches will make you admire forever. People even take photos of their weddings here!

Nadar Island

5. Accommodation on Flores Island (next to Komodo Island)

Komodo Resort (from $ 252.32 / night)

Komodo Resort is a great choice for those who prefer privacy. The resort is famous for not only providing high-class, comfortable accommodation but also by boat trips to Komodo Island. You only need to submit the request once and everything will be scheduled for you.

Kanawa Island Resort (from $ 37.40 / night)

In addition to a stay at Labuan Bajo, you can also choose to relax on the neighboring island of Kanawa, another quiet tropical paradise.

Villa Seirama Alam in Labuan Bajo (from $ 35 / night)

This cozy villa is located right by the beach. So you don’t need to go far to watch the sunset. The outdoor dining area provides a pleasant atmosphere and a great view of the surrounding.

Ciao Hostel (from IDK 150k / person)
This place for backpackers is here!

6. Important tips when watching dragons on Komodo island

+ Always, always in the view of the ranger and your tour group.
+ Can bring children to the island, but do you really want to?
+ Do not try to get too close to Komodo dragons (unless you want to try medical facilities in Indonesia).
+ Do not make noise.
+ Bring lots of water – it’s important to stay hydrated for a long time!
+ For girls, stay away from the island if you’re “on time”. Komodo dragons can smell blood and will think you are their food. Remember, Komodo is essentially a huge carnivorous lizard that runs at 20km / h.
+ When a Komodo dragon follows you, don’t pretend to be dead! Take the zigzag route.
+ Do not make trips during the rainy season, it increases the risk of shipwreck.


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