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Simple guide for a vacation in Ngapali

People talk about Myanmar as a land of golden pagodas, a sacred and ancient country. However, if you explore other aspects of Myanmar, you will be more surprised because Myanmar still has many beautiful beaches. Do not forget to miss the opportunity to set foot on Ngapali Beach – a paradise in Myanmar. To avoid the burning heat of Myanmar on the summer days, Ngapali beach is the perfect choice for you to both travel and relax in Myanmar.

1. Where is Ngapali?

Ngapali is a beach town the Bay of Bengal in Rakhine state, located about 7 km from chief town Thandwe. It’s famous for its natural and unspoiled sandy beaches. The beach stretches about 3 km with soft white sand under coconut trees, charming turquoise sea water, and thatched huts along the coast will give you the most comfortable beach vacation.

2. Best time to visit?

The most appropriate time to visit Ngapali beach is from October to May. This time, the beautiful clear blue sea with white sand captivates tourists who come to visit this place. Especially, you can join the water festival in April.

2. Activities

Just relax

It’s incredible you can leave your worries behind, lie on the beach and drink a glass of cool water? Ngapali beach is very far from noisy cities, even you can sleep on the beach.



Besides walking on the beach, cycling is also a great activity. If you want a new experience, you can rent bicycles at Ngapali beach to get around the coastline. With your bike, you can also go to the fishing villages near Ngapali beach to explore the local life.

Scuba diving

Ngapali has a clear blue water to the bottom, so don’t miss scuba diving when coming to Ngapali.
In addition to swimming, walking, visiting small fishing villages and local markets, or exploring the countryside by car will be a good memorable experience for you.

Thandwe Market

The market is located in the center of town This is a great place to visit and shopping. It’s also a good place to pick up some local street snacks, and you’ll find some stalls selling delicious simple breakfast dishes like bubbling bowls of noodles.


The market is open every day starting at 6am, closing around 4pm.

Boat ride along the Thandwe River

Ngapali is the place that serene Thandwe River flows to the ocean and there is no better way to explore it than a upstream boat ride.

Shwe Nandaw Pagoda Hill

Shwe Nandaw Temple, also known as the Temple of Rib Rib located on a hilltop just ten minutes outside Thandwe town. This temple is a beautiful place to see the valley below. It’s a small temple but it’s best place to take picture in town.

Walk around Jade Taw Fishing Village

Just outside Ngapali beach is the fishing village of Jade Taw, a stunning example of a traditional Rakhine village. People come here to see local fishermen working.

4. Best restaurant:

Burmese style

– Mr. June restaurant
– Coconut Beach
– Sunset Bar
– Ngapali Kitchen
– Ocean Pearl

Asian style

– Sea Queen
– Golden Sea restaurant

5. How to move to Ngapali

There are many ways for you to come to Ngapali beach once you are in Myanmar, but to save time and money, you should choose to go to Ngapali beach by plane from Yangon. With just 1 hour flight you will see the charming scenery of Ngapali beach and start your vacation.
The famous Myanmar domestic airlines such as Yangon Airways, Air Mandalay and Air Bagan all have daily flights from Yangon to Ngapali, and direct flights from Heho and Nyaung to Ngapali are also available.
To save more money you can choose the bus from Yangon but it will take you 11 hours to get to Ngapali and you will have to stop in Pyay town to change buses before get to Thandwe.

6. Hotel/Resort

– Sandoway resort
– Ngapali bay villa and Spa
– The Residence by Sandoway
– Three Season Guest House

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