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10 facts about Vietnamese girls

A lot of people believe that Vietnamese girls are the most beautiful in Asia. Not only beautiful, they also are very interesting. When you search for Vietnamese women, you will see countless beautiful pictures and beautiful words from foreigners describing Vietnamese women such as goddess, beautiful, loyal, humble. This guide will show you how to open up their heart by some stereotypes:

1. They afraid of sunburnt

Most of Vietnamese girls want to have a white skin like Korean actress. When they whizzing at full speed on their scooters, they well covered with the mask on their face so as not to get too much sun, which tans the skin, it makes it gray and this maybe the boys don’t like.

10 facts about Vietnamese girls

2. They are very sweet

They have sweet eyes and their mouths always folded into a delicate smile. Imagine them talking in a low voice while they serve you tea. However Vietnamese women have their potential talent and strength. Their autonomy do not subject to men.

3. But sometimes they are fierce

Maybe Vietnamese girls just seem to be very sweet, but then if you make them angry, they don’t talk to you anymore for days. You ask her: “What happend to you?” and she gives you that terrible answer: “Nothing!” that alone means many things, but you have to say sorry to her first even if you’re not wrong.

4. They are workaholic in some ways

The Vietnamese girl today is tough and decisive, she likes karaoke, but she works hard and gets respected in the office.

5. They love flower

10 facts about Vietnamese girls

Like women all over the world, they love flower, especially rose. It is a flower with the sweet color and fragrance, like woman’s beauty. On Valentine’s Day, her husand/boyfriend loads her on the scooter and takes her to Trung Nguyen Coffee to have a special coffee with a heart-shaped cookie. Remember not to give them marigolds, it’s a funeral flower in Vietnam.

6. They love Korea TV series

She is romantic and while her mates watch football games, shouting and drinking beer and slapping each other on the back. She’s with a friend & sees all Korean soap operas and she cries, she cries a lot about the fate of the heroines who sacrifice themselves for impossible loves.

7. They cook very well

Because the feminist movement peaked in Western countries and affected many other countries, women around the world, especially pro-American and European countries, until the beginning of the 21st century, many people had don’t believe in cooking as a feminine trait anymore. On the contrary, they value strong women in sports, good at success in their careers and even have the thought that a good man who wants to keep women must be good at everything and know how to cook to please her. Therefore, a girl have the ability to cook well is highly appreciated in Vietnamese society.

8. They don’t smoke and drink

Also due to the feminist revolution, now the number of Western women who use alcohol and tobacco is becoming more popular and even more popular than men. And it is clear that the whole world has come to realize how overuse of alcohol and drugs can negatively impact physical and psychological health. And also, just by saying no to alcohol, Vietnamese women have been much more admired.

9. They are faithful

When married, most Vietnamese women often wholeheartedly take care of their husbands and children, and cultivate small families. Not only that, she is also filial to her parents-in-law and her parents, taking care of other relative relationships. Meanwhile, many Western women are willing to live alone, to divorce, to have no ties, or to divorce or get married again and again. For most Vietnamese women, getting married means forever, living together until the end of the world, if there are conflicts, we close each other while in the West, marriage in many cases is just a symbol or still only is the test of love.

10 facts about Vietnamese girls
Although there are no customs punishing adultery as severe in Vietnam as in many regions of India or Afghanistan or some other countries, the rate of Vietnamese women cheating is very low compared to many other countries. Besides, if love or marriage goes wrong, Vietnamese women tend to find solutions, ask their friends’ families for advice or accept difficulties in order to preserve love and family. That is the reason why Vietnamese women are respected with quality of loyalty and trustworthiness.

10. Somehow they are mystic

10 facts about Vietnamese girls

Vietnamese people have a traditional and simple way of life, but they still have a sense of mystery, from the traditional ao dai or bra. The mystery keeps them from becoming boring and easy to understand. They are not enigmatic because of their quirky actions but mysterious righteousness in simplicity because of their wonderful qualities. All that tiny things make many foreign male hearts melt down and foreign women are a little jealous.

To understand more about Vietnamese women and their life, you can easily visit Vietnamese Women Museum in Hanoi. It’s one of the most highly appreciated museum in Vietnam: https://baotangphunu.org.vn/

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