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Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia

Indonesia has 13,487 islands and it may take us a lifetime to explore this islands-nation. Every year, netizens find a new island to explore in Indonesia. Here are the 18 most beautiful and easily accessible islands in Indonesia that you must visit. In this article, we only mention the small islands for tourists, not big and populated islands such as Java, Sumatra or Borneo.

1. Nusa Penida island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Famous cliffs of the dinosaurs

If you have fallen in love with Bali (Indonesia), surely you will love the island of Nusa Penida, just over an hour away from Bali. Visitors to Nusa Penida will mostly be near the harbor, while the tourist destination will basically be divided into two parts: the East and West coasts. The East Coast has Kelingking, Broken Beach, Angel Bilabong and Crystal Beach. The West Bank has Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach. In which Kelingking beach has cliffs of the dinosaurs very famous.

2. Bintan Island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
The Bintan Island

Bintan Island or Negeri Segantang Lada is an island in the Riau Islands of Indonesia. The island belongs to the Riau Islands province, the capital & located in the south of the province is Tanjung Pinang. On the island, there are many hotels and resorts, the most famous of which is Bintan Resorts with an area of 300ha. To get to Bintan Island, you can depart from Harbourt Front Center (Singapore). Go to Harbor Front MRT and then you’ll see a sign leading to the port. Buy tickets at Sindo Ferry (Penguin). There are also many other brands for you to choose from. Round trip tickets all near S$50. For round-trip tickets, you can flexibly choose the time to return to Singapore. Tanjung Pinang is accessible by air with flights departing from Jakarta. Because it is an island, waterway transport links with other places are also various, with many ferries from Singapore, Malaysia, and nearby islands. Riau traditional dishes are also served here, one of them is the specialty “Otak Otak” – fish cooked with coconut milk and Indonesian spices, wrapped in coconut leaves.

3. Morotai Island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
A small island in Motorai

Morotai Island is located north of the Maluku Islands (east of Indonesia). This island used to be a strategic base during World War II and having just been opened in recent years, so not many tourists know it. There are very little information, photos about the island on the internet or guidebook. To get to Morotai Island, you have to go on many flights. From Soekarno Airport (Jakarta, Indonesia), you book tickets to Morotai, transit at Babullah Airport (Ternate, Indonesia), round-trip ticket is about 400USD. The trip from Jakarta to Morotai Island will depart from 2 am, travelers have to take more than a day to move. On Morotai Island, the traveler can stay at Sloha Resort or Moro Ma Doto resort. You can also book a tour to discover & experience snorkeling or scuba diving in 3 small islands: Pasir Timbul, Kokoya, and Dodola, the ticket for a group of 15-20 people is about 100USD/boat. If you want to watch sharks, diving is a great choice here. However, visitors must have a driving license. Because of being a new island, some tourist services are lacking. Some resorts have lots of mosquitoes and don’t have Wi-Fi. However, this island will be the best choice for those who want to run away from modern life.

4. Nusa Lembongan archipelago

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Scuba diving in Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a beautiful green archipelago with 4 km of white sandy coastline and many coral reefs submerged in clear water, which very suitable for scuba diving. Located near Bali but still undiscovered by mass tourism. The islands are also popular with surfers because of ideal waves. You can get here by boat departing from the Sanur coast or from Benoa Bay, near the city of Denpasar. For luxurious visitors, you can get there by helicopter. On the island, there are many restaurants, motels, and villas that are affordable. The most famous of them is the Batu Karang Lembongan resort with full facilities, swimming pools, restaurants, spa, and tennis courts. If you are passionate about surfing, you can absolutely sign up for surfing lessons to learn how to surf, along with scuba diving to watch the coral. You can also explore the mainland on the island by cycling, walking, or joining the outdoor yoga center.

5. Raja Ampat archipelago

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Limestone cliff in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an archipelago of more than 1,500 small islands in the western province of Papua, Indonesia with 4 main islands: Misool, Salawati, Batanta, and Waigeo. Raja Ampat has more than 40,000 km2 of land and owns the largest marine park in Indonesia, belonging to the coral triangle of Indonesia, Philippines, and Papua New Guinea. Many of the islands on the Raja Ampat Islands are still quite unspoiled, uninhabited or even Indonesians have not known about them. Thanks to its rich marine life with over 1,300 species of colorful fish, more than 700 species of mollusks, a 180,000-square-foot coral reef, Raja Ampat is known as the Amazon in the ocean. The best time to visit Raja Ampat and go snorkeling is between mid-October and mid-December because it is a sunny, clear sky, light winds, and gentle sea. In order to fully explore the beauty of Raja Ampat, your trip should last at least a week. You can depart from Jakarta, Bali or Singapore to Raja Ampat by boat.

6. Togean archipelago

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Secret beach on Togean

Dubbed the “paradise on the sea”, Togean is a strange, beautiful, and ideal destination for those who want to relax in an isolated beach house with a quiet beach and clear water. The white sand beaches here are considered to be on par with the Maldives, besides the diverse aquatic ecosystem with colorful coral reefs also makes this archipelago unique. Moreover, there is no internet on the island, as well as no electricity during the day, so you will be living completely separate from the noisy world outside.

7. Kakaban Island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Kayaking with the shark on Kakaban

Kakaban Island is a part of the Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan, which considered to be a hidden gem of Indonesian tourism, the island steals our hearts by its beautiful golden sand beaches and coral reefs. Scuba diving to watch the colorful jellyfish is the best experience on Kakaban.

8. Banda Aceh Island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Snorkeling in Aceh

Banda Aceh is located in northwestern Indonesia, is the capital and largest city in Aceh province. The best period to visit this island runs from January to July. There is no direct flight to Banda Aceh, you have to transit in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) with local airlines like Malindo, AirAsia. The cost of a round-trip air ticket is about 200USD. It takes about 1 hour from Kuala Lumpur to Banda Aceh. The island is still quite unspoiled, without a 5-star resort, the most famous resort is Panorama Bungalow. Here you can snorkel to see fish and corals, watch the sunset on unlimited horizon.

9. Belitung Island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Rocks in Beliting island

Although not as famous as Bali, Belitung also has highly rated beaches. Surrounded by more than 100 small islands, Belitung locates only 45 minutes from Jakarta, but for many years, this place is still unknown not only by Indonesian but international visitors. Tanjung Kelayang is the best beach on this island.

10. Thousand archipelago

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Thousand Archipelago

The Thousand Islands, located only 30 minutes from Jakarta, is a newborn star of Indonesian tourism. On this island, travelers can join a scuba diving lesson and have some days of silence on an unspoiled island.

11. Flores archipelago

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Panorama in Flores Archipelago

Labuan Bajo is a part of Flores archipelago, in the East Nusa Tenggara province which described as a diamond of eastern Indonesia. On this island, visitors can do snorkeling to observe sharks, starfish, or take a day tour to see the famous Komodo dragon.

12. Sulawesi island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Ethnic village on Sulawesi Island

Wakatobi Sea National Park locates in Southeast Sulawesi and is a dream destination for divers with over 750 species of corals and 942 species of fish. This marine national park stretches in 1.4 million hectares wide, of which 900,000 hectares are tropical coral reefs, and it is also home to two endangered species of green sea turtles and tortoises. In addition, for those who do not love diving, Wakatobi is still attractive with beautiful beaches, caves or hills with a great view.

13. Karimunjawa island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
White beach on Karimunjawa

Every year, tourism in Indonesia has a new place to make visitors excited. This year, Karimunjawa is an island that attracts the attention of Instagrammer. It’s not easy to come but Karimunjawa is a gift for who loves mangrove forests, pristine white sand, and countless pristine coral reefs.

14. Gili Islands

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Gilis Island has a great natural landscape

Located in the Lombok Strait, about 35 km in the west of Bali, the Gili Islands are known as the most beautiful paradise in Asia. This place is covered with the perfect white beaches, cool blue water, beautiful coral reefs. The islands have almost no cars, motorbikes or dust and noise, which ruin the other tranquil landscapes. Prices here are also much lower than “neighboring” Bali.

15. Sumba Island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Trekking on Sumba island

Sumba is a remote island in Indonesia, about 55 minutes from the famous island of Bali. Although it’s not as well known as Bali, anyone who has ever been to Sumba is impressed by the beauty of this place. Sumba Island is heaven with pristine grasslands and low limestone hills. Here, you can experience various marine sports such as swimming, surfing, scuba diving, fishing.

16. Lombok Island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Pink Beach on Lombok Island

Lombok is another neighbor of the famous Bali. Thanks to its beautiful location between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, the island possesses endless beaches, of which “Pink Beach” is an extremely popular destination on Instagram. Lombok is located 2 hours by ferry or 30 minutes by plane from Bali.

17. Komodo Island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
View from a hill on Komodo Island

Komodo is a part of the Sunda archipelago. This place is the hometown of more than 1,800 komodo dragons. Currently, the entrance fee for this park is 10 USD/person and is planning to raise in the near future. Komodo Island is not only a place to visit the dragons but also a beautiful diving spot.

18. Bali island

Best 18 islands you must visit in Indonesia
Hidden Beach in Bali

Being the prize of Indonesia, Bali not only attracts tourists for its natural beauty but also has many sacred cultural values. Religion is an integral part of the people here. Bali is a unique place in Southeast of Asia in which Hinduism is still the main religion.


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Information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_islands_of_Indonesia

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