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10 must-try dishes in Myanmar

Myanmar cuisine is not too abundant and easy to eat but very unique. Myanmar dishes are a combination of Indian and Chinese cuisine, which characterized by spicy dishes and colorful spices.

1. Tea leaf salad

Tea leaf salad, locally known as Lahpet Thoke, is perhaps the most famous street food in Myanmar, often used in appetizers. Enjoying this traditional dish of Myanmar, you will feel the sour and sour taste of salt corn, the bitter taste of tea leaves mixed with beans, tomatoes, and the pungent taste of garlic and chili powder. Myanmar people often eat with tofu to make this dish more frugal. Especially, for vegetarians, this is an indispensable dish in all meals.

Tea leaf salad

2. Mohinga

Mohinga is a type of vermicelli, cooked in fish broth, and is known as the “unofficial national spirit dish” of Myanmar. This type of vermicelli is popular in all regions of the country, so this is a Myanmar special dish that you cannot forget to enjoy while traveling here. A small bowl of vermicelli but in it contains many typical ingredients of this land such as chickpea flour, roasted rice, catfish cooked in broth and spices garlic chili, purple onion, ginger lemongrass, fish sauce.


3. Shan noodles with tofu

This is a famous dish of the Shan people, residing in northern Myanmar. It is famous for its large blocks of tofu made from yellow lentils and green beans, instead of the traditional fermentation method. Tofu slices are usually served with yellow noodles, can be eaten hot in a bowl of soup or cold with a salad, covered with a layer of noodles, served with chicken or pork, and raw vegetables. Either way, this dish is also great because of the sophisticated, quality Shan recipes.

Shan tofu noodles

4. Myanmar curry

True to its curry name, the main ingredient of the dish is the meat, be it pork, beef or lamb served with rice and various herbs. However, different from China, cooking and spices are bold in the style of old Burmese food. After enjoying the curry, visitors will be sipping the soaked tea leaves and nuts in a lacquer tray. This delicious meal can be found in shops and only costs about 2-4 dollars so experience the wonderful taste of this traditional dish.

Burmese curry

5. Shan rice

In addition to noodles, the Shan people are also famous for their attractive mixed rice making, which is regularly appeared in the main menus at the shops and becomes a specialty of Myanmar. Shan people marinated rice and cooked rice from turmeric, so the yellow color is a prominent feature of the dish, visitors can choose to eat with crispy spicy fish, marinated chicken, or pork with vegetables and fruits. Roasted peanuts to serve. The flavor of Shan rice stands out thanks to the pungent taste of leek roots and tilapia.

6. Nangyi thoke

Nangyi Thoke is a cold noodle mixed salad consisting of round noodles mixed with chicken, fish cakes, bare bean sprouts, and boiled eggs with a special curry flavor. To add flavor to the noodles, you can serve them with broth or squeeze more lemon juice. This dish is known as the Myanmar version of spaghetti. Remember to include Nangyi Thoke in your handbook the specialties in Myanmar that you must try.

Nangyi Thoke

7. Famous sweets in Myanmar

Unlike European layered pastries, Burmese sweets are usually made mainly from coconut (coconut milk, coconut fiber), fruit, and rice flour and are used frequently in meals, not from necessarily a certain occasion. Therefore, the sweets here do not contain much sugar but are slightly sweet from the flavor of the fruit. Along with the fried foods, this sweet snack becomes a food not to be missed.

Burmese sweet snacks

8. Chapati

Chapati is an Indian bread (also known as roti) made from whole wheat flour. This is a popular main dish in South Asia like rice in Vietnam. Chapati cakes are flat, thin, round, and often grilled with charcoal. In some areas, chapati is only partially cooked on a pan, then placed directly on high heat, causing it to explode like a balloon. Chapati heat quickly cooked from the inside.
Small chapati pieces eaten with meat or vegetables make for a delicious meal. This is a popular dish in Myanmar, so you can find Chapati on every street in the country.

myanmar chapati

9. Falooda

Falooda (or Faluda) is a very popular dessert in Myanmar because it is sweet. This dish is usually mixed with basil seeds, gelatin, tapioca, water, or milk and then sprinkled with syrup. Initially, Falooda came from Persia, then Falooda was popular from India to Southeast Asia. Sometimes, to enjoy a more refreshing Falooda, you can ask the seller to add a scoop of ice cream. Falooda is usually served at the end of each meal and is especially ideal during the summer when it’s very hot. If not, you can change to drink tropical juice during your vacation in Myanmar.


10. Sticky rice

This interesting dish is most famous in the Kayah region and is the most popular dish of the people here. Unlike Thai people who often use sticky rice to make cakes, Burmese people use sticky rice to make delicious sticky rice. This dish is more special when mixed with fish and meat. This is a popular dish and you can easily find it at street vendors.



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